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Secrets to Functional Landscaping Introduction


Functional landscaping is a very important landscaping concept. It's just a matter of knowing your landscaping materials, such as irrigation systems and plants and how they all work together. This knowledge is important because without it, things don’t function properly.

The functionality of your Landscape is very important for how things are to work and look in the future as your Landscape matures. Functional Landscaping is simply landscaping that makes sense. I will discuss how they should function in a residential landscape setting.

In the upcoming posts we will discuss the following:

Part 1: TREE PLACEMENT: What trees to put where?

Part 2: SHRUB PLACEMENT: What shrubs to put where?

Part 3: SPRINKLER DESIGN: How to design a sprinkler system so that it functions properly for both sod and plants separately.

These different topics on Functional Landscaping should be helpful information on how a yard should be put together so that it is low maintenance and beautiful! Stay tuned for Part 1!

Landon Buhler


Buhler Landscape & Design

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