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Secrets to Functional Landscaping Part 2: Shrub and Perennial Placement

Although shrubs are not as expensive as trees, they still need to be placed properly. There are many shrubs and perennials that grow very fast and if planted improperly could need to be removed after only 1 or 2 growing seasons.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when placing these smaller plants around your yard.

1- Keep your plants back away from walkways or edging. This may require planting them off center in the bedding area to give them the space they need. If planted too close to edges they will quickly grow over sidewalks or lawns. This results in more work by have to trim them more frequently.

2- This is the point in plant design where you need to decide whether you want a full or mature looking yard, or one that is spaced out and neat looking. This is mostly just a personal preference. With a full yard, be aware that the need for lots of maintenance comes quickly once your plants go through a few growing seasons. Whichever style you decide, pay close attention to the spacing of your plants so they either grow together or stay apart from each other, as per your liking.

3- Knowing your plants is very crucial. Many shrubs and perennials require full sunlight to grow and be healthy. Others that require shade and partial sun to thrive. Shrubs and Perennials come in many shapes, sizes and colors. DO YOUR RESEARCH so you know what should go where to thrive in your environment.

With a little research and pre-planning your shrubs and perennials will perform the way you want them too. Your yard beautiful for many years to come!

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